This week at the SMBA meeting, as we do each Wednesday, we have an inspirational speaker to give us a boost on hump day! This week Charlie McIntyre of CM Services Ltd reminded us of what we get out of bed for in the mornings. He began by asking the members at this morning’s SMBA meeting to raise their hand if they felt that they earned too much money, no one raised their hand. Then he went on to ask the group to raise their hand if they felt they worked too hard, to which all the 18 members in attendance raised their hands. Charlie reiterated that we don’t come to work for just money, we do it for the kudos of our clients, our colleagues and for the successes that fuel our engines and drive us for the rest of the day. Keep it up, see the value in yourself and your work rather than just the remuneration. Following on from the success of his Business Strategy Planning Course in October, Charlie will be looking to hold a further two courses before the end of the year. One will again focus on Business Strategy Planning and another will see Charlie share his expertise in a structured sales course. You can find out more about the courses on the CM Services website here. If you'd be interested in attending either of the courses, then get in touch with Charlie on 0161 973 4816 or to book on and we will update you with a date once fully confirmed. Comments(0)

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