The inspiration slot today was a heartwarming one, filled by Roger Mellor of Adept Clearance and Cleaning Services Ltd. He brought us the amazing story of his Father's secret life during the Second World War. Roger's Dad left his position at an Insurance Company to join the Army and was quickly scooped up by the RAF to train as a pilot. This saw him on active service flying Hurricanes in Burma.  At the end of the War Roger's Dad went back to his old life at the Insurance company and never really talked about his time during the war. It's only much later that it was discovered he had been awarded the DFC (Distinguished Flying Cross). Roger reminded us all that there are those that say a lot but do very little but there are also those that do a lot but say very little too. Our weekly inspiration slots cover anything from family stories like Roger's to an age old mantra to live by, why not come along to the group one week as a visitor and share what inspires you? Get in touch to book onto one of our weekly breakfast meetings by calling 0161 962 5195 or send an email to Comments(0)

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