Insurance is one of those necessary evils. Have it and you might not need to claim, don't have it and you will. It's always worth the peace of mind to insure, both in your personal life and in your business.   Ian Stevenson of the Alan Stevenson Partnership delivered the 10 Minutes to the SMBA members and guests on our 29th November meeting and highlighted just how important it is to insure, across the board. During his presentation he outlined all the different types of insurance which the company offer, with interaction from all members in the group. Alan Stevenson Partnership offers insurance for both business and personal use and have been doing so for over 30 years. From Employer's Liability to Cyber and Crime Risks and much more on the business side, to Travel and Life Insurance for personal use, the company offers a full range of insurance solutions. Providing a 'one-stop-shop for insurance means customers are dealing with one, trustworthy and highly experienced company. Ensure that you are insured and speak with Ian to find out more about the services the company offers by calling 0161 928 3991. Comments(0)

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