• This week we would like to thank Jon Becker of Acsol for a touching ten minute presentation and for sharing some life lessons from his late father, learned over many years. He sounds like a very wise man who had a brilliant way of taking language into his own hands...
  • 1. When speaking in public or at a meeting, always be loud and clear 2. Being nervous is good - it keeps you on your toes 3. When you are speaking to someone, let them do the talking and be interested in what they have to say 4. Always be honourable in business and do the right thing 5. Don't be a "schnorrer"!!  Always buy your round of drinks and pay people money you owe them.
  • I don't know about you but we will certainly be using the word 'schnorrer' from now on!
  • Jon Becker and Acsol Ltd have been running successful recruitment campaigns for clients since the Summer of 2011.
  • For the last six years we have worked on recruitment campaigns for a wide variety of clients and indeed variety of roles.
  • The key to success for the Acsol methodology is personalised and careful work, strict selection techniques, value for money for the client and strict attention to detail.

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