• Staff absenteeism costs the UK nearly 30bn annually (CIPD absence Mgt Annual Survey for 2014), so when was the last time you measured the effect of staff absence on your business? How many sick days did your staff have in the last year?
  • The average figure per employee is 6.8 sick days, and the average cost of staff absence is around £ 554 per day, but can rise to over £2k per day depending on the role they play. On average that’s a whopping, £ 3,747 of loss your company has to anticipate per employee each year.
  • Here at Madson we’re happy to say our sickness is practically non-existent with only 1 sick day in the past year between the whole team. So how do we do it?
  • Firstly, we ensure that we recruit the right people into the right roles. Sounds simple enough doesn’t it, but you have to really understand what the business needs and what skills and personality will best fit the role to be filled. Get that right and your staff will never be off, they’ll never see work as work, but something that is so in tune with their skill set and personal beliefs, it’s a joy to be at the office.
  • Jobsworths don’t exist at Madson. Everyone is equally responsible for delivering our high levels of service to our clients and their customers. So stress levels are kept to a minimum, anyone can at any time ask anyone else, including the Directors, to help them and it will never be frowned upon. Knowing that everyone in the company has your back really takes the stress out of the working day.
  • Last, but by no means least, we have fun. Are your team having fun? Life’s too short for the time you spend at work not to be fun!
  • Our clients, of course, don’t have any of the above concerns as they outsource their administration, customer service, marketing and social media to us. They have a core team and we look after everything else. So they never have to worry about staff sickness, holidays, maternity, paternity, sabatticals etc. as we have it all covered. You have to admit that’s a pretty smart way of ensuring you’re not letting £3,747 per employee slip through your profit net each year!
  • So is your business ready for competition? Or is it too busy being sick and absent?
  • This blog was taken from www.bestbusinessenabler.com

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