• When was the last time you walked into the shop and asked the shop assistant to guess what you wanted? You have to admit, you most probably haven’t. It’s just plain silly to have someone try and guess what you want when you could just tell them isn’t it? Which is why I find telephone customer service so frustrating.
  • I recently asked for a quote from a large energy supplier to do a small job on my home. At the top of the letter was the contact number, a free phone number. I punched in the number and then the guessing game began….have I called for reason number 1, 2, 3 etc. Why did this company not use specific lead numbers for its different departments? Surely this would eliminate the guessing and save me, 1 ½ minutes of time pressing endless buttons.
  • I finally got through to a lovely chap who asked me for my customer number, which wasn’t provided on the letter the company had sent me and he struggled to find me using my address. He then told me he needed to put me
  • through to the right team. We were now 9 minutes into the call and all I had been allowed to tell him was my name, address and that I had received a quote from them. At 15 ½ minutes I was still on hold and I ended the call I just couldn’t waste any more of my valuable time.
  • How much different would that call have been if, after calling the number at the top of the letter, I was automatically held in a queue for the quotes team, then when a member of the team answered they had been able to find me based on the quotation number they had provided to me and then been able to answer my question without having to put me hold or pass me through to a different department? You have to admit it would have been a much better experience and it would have been quicker too.
  • Their system made it as difficult as possible for me to do business with them. I have no intention of calling them again as I don’t have another 15 ½ minutes available to waste.
  • So what about your customers? Can they contact you easily? Can they have their query dealt with by the first person they speak to? Can they contact you in multiple ways and have a fast and accurate response each time? Can they contact the same member of your team should they wish or need to in the future?
  • If you can answer yes to all of these questions great! But don’t forget to test that your system is working correctly. Mystery shopping your own business can provide you with a huge amount of information that your customers may never tell you.
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