• Have you ever stopped and asked yourself this question before engaging a supplier for your business? The growth and prosperity of your business could depend on the answer.
  • We recently moved into the Cheshire countryside and moving home really opened my eyes to the terrible problems companies face when they engage sub-standard suppliers. Running the type of business that I do, I’m not a fledgling when it comes to ordering anything online and didn’t think twice about ordering conservatory furniture…..what could possibly go wrong? The short answer is delivery.
  • The furniture company did actually dispatch my order without delay it was only then the problems started. Their delivery partner was useless. Starting with a no show and then a whole week of no progress which finally left me with no option but to email the CEO of both the furniture company and the delivery company asking them why something so simple could go so horribly wrong. This led to my furniture being delivered within 24 hours of the email being sent.
  • Whilst waiting for my furniture to be delivered I researched the delivery company online and the reading was worse than the spoof reviews you sometimes see on Amazon. It was awful.
  • From the reviews it was easy to see that the delivery company is nothing short of incompetent and were letting down thousands of customers and hundreds of companies on a daily, well, in fact, on an hourly basis. The furniture company in comparison had excellent products and superb customer service, but it lost the value of all of this as soon as they handed their orders to their delivery partner.
  • I went back to the CEO of the furniture company and pointed out to him that the poor service both he and we, his customer, were receiving would soon see sales drying up. I pointed him to the online reviews. His customers were, quiet reasonably, stating that they wouldn’t order from his company again whilst they knew this particular delivery company would be responsible for getting their goods to them. I explained to him that his company name was being associated with this poor level of service and this could only be damaging for them.
  • Thankfully, the furniture company does listen to its customers and it’s now undertaking a review of its delivery suppliers.
  • It was shocking that the decision makers in this large company didn’t know how poor the customer experience was once the goods left their site. They were walking blind into a crisis, which thankfully should now be averted.
  • Take a look at your suppliers today. Do they have the same values as you? Do they care about your customer as much as you do? What are online reviewers saying about them? Who do you supply to? Do you care for their customers as much as they do? How happy are your customers with your supplier partners? The answers to these questions could be the key to the future success and growth of your business.
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