• It's been another busy week at SMBA, two of our members delivered their speaking slots today, covering comedy to connectivity in their inspiration slot and ten minute presentation.
  • John Warburton of JWC delivered an excellent ten-minute presentation. John spoke about where he went to school and explained that he was the first in his family to get a degree.
  • John explained to the group of today's 20 present members, how he made his journey through journalism taking a detour via the comedy world. John worked for the BBC and had his very own radio show, he was also a leading act at comedy clubs around Manchester. I think we can all agree that John has had a very interesting life!
  • This morning's inspiration slot was filled by Alec Smalley of Church Street Antiques. Alec spoke about Hedy Lamarr, the Hollywood Star who invented Wifi.
  • The scientist and screen star worked not only on her acting career but also on an early connectivity device, receiving a patent for a "Secret Communications System" in 1942, used to alter radio frequencies. At the time the device was misunderstood and it's uses not utilised to their full potential. However, the ideas and methods of her work have been used to create both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology that we used each and every day.
  • The meaning behind Alec's choice of inspiration was that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover as people can be talented in more than one way. It also highlights the need for taking a chance on and idea which might seem like a pipedream.

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