Our ten minute presentations offer our members to tell us a bit more about themselves and their business's. This morning we had Aidan from Aiden Piers, who is there to help you where your car is concerned, he offers a range of services and packages. It is clear that Aidan is dedicated to providing the best possible service by telling us "I just want you to have the car you really want", & You don't have to look far for a excellent review, as there was quite a few testimonials this morning from people who have previously done business with him, well done & thank you Aidan.https://twitter.com/AidanPiers Comments(2 Comments)

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  1. Jane Morgan

    Excellent 10 minutes from Aidan. He got me my car, and the process went like clockwork. I got the exact car I wanted, just like Aidan said. He won’t settle for anything less. Strongly recommend Aidan.


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