Monthly Archives: November 2017

  • Date: Tuesday 5th December 2017
  • Time: 9am - 4pm
  • Location:
  • CM Services (UK) Ltd 5 Sherbrooke Close, Sale, Cheshire M33 5SZ UK
  • Contact: 07940 517 455
  • Following the success of his previous course, Charlie Mcintyre of CM Services will be holding a Structured Sales Course at his office in Sale. This course is a practical look at sales methods proven to work and delivered in a fun and relaxed atmosphere which will give you the tools and the confidence to get a bigger return when engaging with your customers.
  • Sales Structure course that gives the rules and shows how to control the sales call whether it is face to face or over the telephone. It includes: 
  • Planning - How to get the maximum return from your efforts.
  • Introduction - Getting in techniques and how to sell the call.
  • Requirements - Questioning techniques, the difference between open and closed questions and when to use them.
  • Benefits - Features and benefits of your products and services.
  • Investments - Having spent money developing your company we look at how we get a return for it.
  • Closing - Asking for the order at the right time and in the right manner.
  • Evaluation - How was it for you and could we have done better.
  • Admin - Monitoring results and performance to ensure maximum return.
  • The course is shaped to suit experienced individuals who have had exposure to sales and could do with a refresher, or people new to sales or with no formal sales training that need to know the rules. 
  • The course is £200 + vat per seat.
  • Please feel free to invite any colleagues who would benefit from this. All they have to bring is an open mind, their imagination and a willingness to learn.
  • Notes, handouts exercises etc will be provided on the day, along with lunch and refreshments.
Insurance is one of those necessary evils. Have it and you might not need to claim, don't have it and you will. It's always worth the peace of mind to insure, both in your personal life and in your business.   Ian Stevenson of the Alan Stevenson Partnership delivered the 10 Minutes to the SMBA members and guests on our 29th November meeting and highlighted just how important it is to insure, across the board. During his presentation he outlined all the different types of insurance which the company offer, with interaction from all members in the group. Alan Stevenson Partnership offers insurance for both business and personal use and have been doing so for over 30 years. From Employer's Liability to Cyber and Crime Risks and much more on the business side, to Travel and Life Insurance for personal use, the company offers a full range of insurance solutions. Providing a 'one-stop-shop for insurance means customers are dealing with one, trustworthy and highly experienced company. Ensure that you are insured and speak with Ian to find out more about the services the company offers by calling 0161 928 3991.
At today's meeting (29th November), the inspiration slot was filled by weekly member Jon Becker of Acsol and was as musically themed as ever! Jon formerly managed the Apollo music venues so always has some brilliant, and pretty rock and roll stories to share with us, we're losing count of how many famous faces he's met! Jon's Inspiration Slot covered how massive rock and roll icons can inspire millions of people throughout their lives, through their influence and their music. Elvis on screen, backed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, sold out the Arena last night even though he died 40 years ago! George Harrison of the Beatles, one of Jon's all time heroes who has inspired him since he was a kid, like I'm sure he has many people, died 16 years ago today but is just as well remembered and idolised as ever. Who's your hero?
Last week, Andy Ryan of Abraxas kicked off Wednesday morning by telling our members and guests to take a step back. Sometimes in order to gain perspective and clarity we need to do this, to see the bigger picture and identify where a problem arises. Rather than continue to make mistakes or losses, causing more stress and damage, you need to find the root cause of where problems are stemming from. Identify the root cause and you'll then know what you need to do to rectify your systems and processes to ensure the same mistakes aren't being made moving forward. Not only will you feel better, knowing that you no longer have an issue that needs solving but you will have improved the way you're running your business.
Annabel Toleman of St Ann's Hospice recently joined the SMBA as our latest member! Annabel is the Corporate Fundraising Officer for the Hospice and the group have welcomed her and her enthusiasm. The group were keen to find out more about the work Annabel is currently doing and so she delivered her first ten-minute presentation to the members last Wednesday. Annabel spoke about how St Ann's Hospice are looking to fund three new ambulances by August next year as the ambulances they are currently using will no longer be serviceable by Summer 2018. St Ann's Hospice need these ambulances as they already have waiting lists for patients who rely on this service. It's been a busy few weeks for the Hospice and fundraising is been carried out at several events including the St Ann's Hospice Christmas Fairs, there will be a fair held on the 6th of December and we'd love to see you there! Annabel would be extremely grateful for any donations, be it a selection box for Santa’s grotto, any unopened bottle or box of chocolates. During her presentation she shared some of the ways in which St Ann's Hospice has helped those during a difficult time, sharing comments from both patients and family members;
“Everyone is very welcoming, right from the beginning. As soon as you walk in the door you are made to feel part of the family.”
smba There are several ways to get involved in the work that St Ann's does across it's three sites. Here are some suggestions; Corporate Opportunities
  • Quarterly Networking Events
  • Charity of The Year Partnerships
  • Corporate Challenges
  • Midnight Walk
  • Golf Day
  • Great Manchester Run, Great North Run
  • Donate bins for the workplace
  • Christmas Fairs
You can find more information on Christmas fairs, Memorial Services and how to donate here!
This week at the SMBA meeting, as we do each Wednesday, we have an inspirational speaker to give us a boost on hump day! This week Charlie McIntyre of CM Services Ltd reminded us of what we get out of bed for in the mornings. He began by asking the members at this morning’s SMBA meeting to raise their hand if they felt that they earned too much money, no one raised their hand. Then he went on to ask the group to raise their hand if they felt they worked too hard, to which all the 18 members in attendance raised their hands. Charlie reiterated that we don’t come to work for just money, we do it for the kudos of our clients, our colleagues and for the successes that fuel our engines and drive us for the rest of the day. Keep it up, see the value in yourself and your work rather than just the remuneration. Following on from the success of his Business Strategy Planning Course in October, Charlie will be looking to hold a further two courses before the end of the year. One will again focus on Business Strategy Planning and another will see Charlie share his expertise in a structured sales course. You can find out more about the courses on the CM Services website here. If you'd be interested in attending either of the courses, then get in touch with Charlie on 0161 973 4816 or to book on and we will update you with a date once fully confirmed.
Matt Townsend of Ultimate Creative Communications delivered a brilliant presentation at this week's SMBA meeting on Wednesday. He delved into the history behind Ultimate, the different departments within the company and the people within them. After discussing the huge range of creative and digital services, Matt focused on one case study which encompassed these services. Ultimate has worked with Chester Zoo on several campaigns, most recently The Lanterns at Chester Zoo 2017. The festive campaign highlights several areas of Ultimate’s expertise including; creative concepts, creative advertising, animated film for use on social media and within cinemas and digital advertising as well as building a micro website behind the campaign. The Lanterns at Chester Zoo encourage visitors during the quieter, colder months with a magical lantern display. This year there will be even more theatre with characters from the zoo interacting with the audience. This year’s challenge for Ultimate is to help the Zoo to get 100,000 visitors through the gates. After achieving 67,000 last year with the help of Ultimate’s 2016 Lantern campaign, let’s help Matt smash this new goal! You can watch their stunning animation below!  
Mike Lomas of John Gibbs Partnership delivered our inspiration yesterday morning. Mike is also a school governor and based his inspiration slot on advice which is shared with the children at the school. The five points of the inspiration slot were;
  • The importance of education and using this to your advantage
  • Remembering that there are no reset buttons in life
  • Don't limit your imagination or ambitions to achieve
  • Use your mind to its fullest potential
  • Nothing in life is free
Despite being shared with young minds, these points are valid in several walks of life, from personal and home life to work and business.