Monthly Archives: October 2015

South Manchester Business Association are pleased to announce their sponsorship of this exclusive event at which members and registered visitors can hear the renowned Christopher Barrat present on the Art of Succesful Networking.

The event is 7 pm – 8.30pm Tuesday 17th November 2015


Bowdon Mercure Hotel Langham Road, Bowdon, Altrincham WA14 2HT

  Chris Barratt is an internationally recognised inspirational speaker.  Often referred to as the Networking Guru, Chris's aim for the evening is to give delegates tips and insight on how to start, improve and hone their networking skills.   Ultimately, attendees will finish the evening more confident and energised to get out there and develop their business.   There will also be time for guests to meet SMBA members and see how our longstanding association continues to help each member grow their business.  

The event is free for those who register in advance by following this link –

Entry on the door is £10 without pre-registration

This mornings inspirational speech was from John Warburton, he talked about O.S.T; Objective, Strategy, Tactics. John explains how you can achieve success when using these in your work. He ended with, "no matter how small or large your role is,  you are still contributing to something much larger". #InspirationSpeech #Networking #SMBA
This week SMBA members heard from the team at Trafford Sound...
Trafford Sound is the community focused local radio service for the Borough of Trafford, and adjacent parts of Northern Cheshire and Greater Manchester

Every day they provide listeners, residents and local businesses with a focal point where you can find out what's happening in the borough and join the conversation on local issues  

As part of their open approach they are keen to involve local businesses and associations.  As such it is a great opportunity to outline your services and explain to listeners of every variety how they can benefit from your services.

At the same time the station is aiming to entertain listeners and become the default station for the community.

You can find out more by visiting the Get Involved section of their website