Monthly Archives: September 2015

This mornings inspiration speech was by Matt Townsend from Ultimate. Matt talked about business strap lines, he told us how the best companies don't say what they do, they say why. He explained that people align emotionally with what they read & when given a choice we go with our gut feeling. Matt got us all thinking about our own strap lines and ended the speech with his,  'Enjoy life, do great work'.  #Networking #Inspiration
Our ten minute presentations offer our members to tell us a bit more about themselves and their business's. This morning we had Aidan from Aiden Piers, who is there to help you where your car is concerned, he offers a range of services and packages. It is clear that Aidan is dedicated to providing the best possible service by telling us "I just want you to have the car you really want", & You don't have to look far for a excellent review, as there was quite a few testimonials this morning from people who have previously done business with him, well done & thank you Aidan.
This week it was Martin Hood of Platinum IFS turn to inspire us. He recounted his ‘customer services’ experience of the previous week.

The previous Thursday he took his car in for a service with the main dealer. Having a busy day of meetings he had pre-ordered a courtesy car and was looking forward to another productive day.

On dropping his car off, he was given a very basic and rudimentary car more suited to driving around a farmyard than cruising the M6 and dealing with key clients.

Needless to say he was unimpressed, disappointed and feeling very disillusioned and unappreciated as a customer. So much so that he posted a tweet to this effect.

At which point things started to change. Within 15 minutes of the tweet he had received calls from the service manager, general manager and the car manufacturer offering their apologies.
They immediately arranged to swap the courtesy car back and produced a bottle of wine and truffles to reinforce their message that customer satisfaction was their priority.
There are several lessons to be taken from this tale, including;
Listen to your customers across all platforms and media so that you are aware of how they feel.
When you find an unhappy customer take the time to solve any issues and redress the situation immediately.
Their swift action turned a potentially embarrassing situation into something very positive where they have re-engaged with the customer in a stronger relationship because of the mishap.
Mathew Townsend did his ten minute presentation last week on his company Ultimate, he showed us some great work he has done for big names including Air Ambulance and TukTuk UK. Mathew tells us how his work environment is freshly decorated with vibrant colors to help with getting creative. when asked how he benefited from being a member of the SMBA Matt told us that the group has generated a great amount of business for him and he was glad to be part of the group.