Monthly Archives: August 2015

A Great inspirational speech that had us all laughing this week from farmers daughter Maggie, who tells us the story of her & her brother being on the farm & her brother asking if it would hurt to shoot himself in the foot with his rifel, Maggie being young & none the wiser said that it wouldnt. Maggies sibling proceeded to do so & realising the pain he asked why she would lie,  Maggie replyed with "how would I know, im only five!". Maggie summed up the moral of her speech with, "In business its not ok to shoot yourself in the foot, even if someone says it wont hurt".
A heart warming inspiration speech yesterday morning from Keith Fitzgerald who highlighted how values are perceived when you don't always necessarily get what you want but what you actually need, & how hard work needs to take place in order to achieve success. Keith also mentioned the importance of teamwork using his parents as an example of great partnership, he ended his speech with "My parents are my inspiration". #Inspiration #Networking    @
Great advice from one of our members this morning, John Warburton, who gave his inspirational speech on the principles of  'Parkinson's Law' - "Work expands to fit the time allocated to it", John highlighted how it is beneficial to create sufficient deadlines for our work &  to filter out unnecessary tasks. He finished with "set yourself shorter deadlines & you will be amazed at how efficient you can be." @johnwarbuton
The SMBA are recruiting new members, we a looking for a Photographer.   Are you a Photographer & looking to increase your client base? the SMBA could be the perfect place for you, why not come along as a visitor to one of our Wednesday's meetings.   For more information speak to one of our members or get in touch through our Contact page