Monthly Archives: July 2015

A fantastic speech this morning from on of our members, John Curran from Currancy.
  John took the opportunity to highlight the amount of support that's generated throughout the SMBA.   John explained how his business benefits from being part of the group by receiving referrals.  These referrals account for around 25% of his enquiries and turnover.   Yet, as he further explained, he values SMBA far more than just the number of leads generated.  
Something which is far more important is being part of a team.  His inspiration every week comes from how we all motivate each other and provide invaluable assistance.
  For more information follow John on Twitter @CurrancyLtd   #Teamwork #Networking
A revitalised membership has taken the bull by the horns as visitor numbers and referrals increase.
Credit must be shared for the recent surge as all members have looked for more opportunities for their colleagues.
At the same time word has been spreading outside of the weekly meeting and new member enquiries continue to build.
There are a few key trade and professional categories the group is looking to fill.  For example an Electrician would benefit greatly from visiting the group.
Another key gap is an 'HR Consultant'.  Many of the member's and their contacts need help in this area.
If you, or anyone you know, could fulfil these roles then please get in touch.
Speak to one of our members, call SMBA on 0161 962 5195 or tweet us @smbamanchester
This week it was Ian Stevenson of the Alan Stevenson Partnership, insurance brokers, who took the opportunity to inspire all everyone.
Ian relayed the story how in the previous week Martin Duff from Altrincham BID had explained that local Altrincham businesses were using their combined buying power to benefit everyone.

Phil Lines from Mandata seized upon the idea and saw an opportunity.
Mandata are able to provide key support to any business looking to destroy confidential waste, store key material and/or move valuable good around the country. 
This has led to Phil working with a very broad range of clients, from offering storage and shredding to legal firms of every size, through to moving items all over the country for various TV production companies.
After the meeting Phil approached Altrincham BID and was able to offer discounted confidential waste collections by making co-ordinated collections. This way all the group members can ensure they comply with the Data Protection Act, whilst reducing their costs.

The moral of the inspiration slot is twofold; Pay attention to others when they are speaking, and seize the opportunity when it arises.

Carpe Diem!
 If you would like to know more about Mandata and their services, get in touch with Phil Lines.

Our resident financial adviser, Martin Hood of Platinum IFS, recently highlighted the similarities between financial planning and cultivating an allotment...

One of our clients was kind enough to bring some fresh produce in the other day from his allotment.
After a few ribald jokes around the size of his courgettes, we took a couple of photos and it struck us that cultivating an allotment can have several similarities to managing an investment portfolio.
When starting with an investment plan or an allotment you only have a finite amount of space or funds to start with.  So it’s not good practice to commit all your space or funds to one single produce.
A single investment or crop may give good returns for one year but over time it will stumble as most things are cyclical and benefit from rotation and diversity.
Once you have set up and planted your allotment you need to maintain it so that it continues to flourish, ensuring that any tweaks are made as the seasons evolve.
Equally, an investment portfolio is no different as you look to rebalance or move from one asset class to another.
Overall, there is one truism that can be applied to both activities and that is that growth comes from time, care and attention.
Platinum are always happy to review clients plans so if you, or anyone you know, would like to chat things through then please get in touch.