Monthly Archives: June 2015

This morning, our resident decorator Darren Whitfield added the final finish to last week's inspiration slot by reminding us all to consider how our actions can influence others. In everything we do and say we create an impact.  How that impact is received often defines how someone perceives us.  Darren finished with the following quote;

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a Leader." - John Quincy Adams

Darren is the group's 'Dulux Approved' Painter and Decorator.  All his work is guaranteed for 2 years and backed up by Dulux and it's parent company Akzo Nobel.  He has also won numerous awards for his attention to detail and overall workmanship. Don't forget to follow him on Twitter where he is known as @duluxdaz or at Facebook on
As one of our most established members, Charlie McIntyre took the opportunity to offer some valuable words of wisdom taking from his years of sales training and business development sessions. The key is to decide whether you are a Boss or a Leader;

A Boss drives employees…..

…… A Leader coaches them

A Boss depends on authority…..

…… A Leader depends on goodwill

A Boss inspires fear…..

……A Leader generates enthusiasm

A Boss says “I” …..

……A Leader says “We”

A Boss places blame for the breakdown …..

……A Leader fixes the breakdown

A Boss uses people…..

……A Leader develops people

A Boss says “Go”…..

……A Leader says “Let’s Go”

  The most successful businesses involve Leaders and clearly demonstrate the benefits of working together.  Are you a Boss or a Leader?
Charlie McIntyre is the director of CM Services (UK) Ltd and is able to offer businesses advice and training based upon more than 25 years experience in a diverse range and size of industries.