• We've been looking at lots of beautiful antiques after today's meeting, thanks to member Alec Smalley who brought in some wonderful pieces from his Antiques store.
  • Today's meeting also highlighted the need for those in business to reflect on their goals regularly and ensure they're taking the tiny steps needed to achieve these. Ultimately working on smaller goals will lead to accomplishing much larger one's. From setting aside admin time to outsourcing, there are many ways you can make small changes to your approach to work that will reap in the benefits.
  • Mike Morin of Mo For Less was this morning's inspiration slot speaker. Mike spoke about the benefits of setting and reaching goals. After one of January's meetings, Mike became motivated to set his own goals which included improving his admin and becoming more organised. Because of these goals, Mike has now generated more business now has a full diary up until May aside from minor jobs or helping out his ongoing customers.
  • Alec Smalley presented this morning's ten minute talk. Alec explained how he set up Church Street Antiques with Nick and has gone from strength to strength building up a good reputation as dealers in fine furniture. Mike outlined where his business is generated and the type of client who is his most valuable contact. He also brought in some great examples of lamps, from Silver, to brass to art deco. Alec showed the 18 members and guests at today's meeting the variety of antiques they deal with at the shop.

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